The Technology for Controlling Others Exists

The technology for controlling others exists and it will be used, given the persistence of power-seeking motives. Furthermore, we will need to use it, since the necessary social changes cannot come about if the affected people do not understand and desire them…. How do we educate “run-of-the-mill” citizens for membership in a democratic society?… How do we teach people to understand their relationship to long range planning?… And how do we teach people to be comfortable with the process of change? Should we educate for this? We shall probably have to. But how?…

The need for educating to embrace change is not limited to youngsters…. Education for tomorrow’s world will involve more than programming students by a computer; it will equally involve the ways in which we program… parents to respond to the education… children get for this kind of world. To the extent we succeed with the youngsters but not with the parents, we will have… a very serious consequence: an increasing separation of the young from their parents…. It will have psychological repercussions, probably producing in the children both guilt and hostility (arising from their rejection of their parents’ views and
values in lifestyles).

–THE COMPUTER IN AMERICAN EDUCATION (John Wiley & Sons: New York, 1967)

Machine Husbandry: On Nitinol

If every component of an aerial vehicle were constructed from Nitinol, the results would be disastrous. Some stiffness, especially in rocket and turbine elements, is vital. Problems are encountered at the juncture between alloys with lots of flexion and metals with little. Tensile variability would have to be integrated in a planar Nitinol element in the forging process.

Beyond this, a mortise and tenon design will also present obstacles. A ‘slippery-vise’ design has the potential to overcome these obstacles by enabling aerospace designers to develop unbroken, single-piece Nitinol skins for craft — an ultra-light composite outer layer and a rigid inner kernel for componentry and engine blocks.

The ‘slippery-vise’ design would guarantee the preservation of Nitinol skin integrity when encountering G-Forces when the craft is mass-driven, as the ‘vise’ will be situated perpendicularly to the launch rail.

Many issues related to Nitinol skin development result from design orthodoxy that presupposes human occupancy. Most obstacles could be overcome readily if next-generation craft were commandeered remotely; seals are a design-bane.

How to Problematize the Workplace without Really Trying

The Process and Methods engineer introduces problems where heretofore there were few: they, and their staff, redesign a business after the image of the method’s own insecurities — the product no longer dictates the form. Rather, the product is made to fall victim to nebulosity-by-design; it is remanded into the custody of the Process and Methods engineer, where it is ‘architected’ to death. There is a point at which adding complexity to production ceases to have the positive dithering effect it once had. Positive dithering effects — happy accidents — emerge when a product dictates process, and are effectively cancelled when complexity for its own sake becomes an overriding business imperative.

Natural World

There is much about the so-called ‘natural world’ that remains mysterious — that consistently confounds — and it is the responsibility of the information manager to conceal what he cannot disprove categorically or empirically. To debunk is to enlist the special talents of an information manager in an effort to preserve a carefully-constructed and rigorously-promoted collectivized perception of nature.

Transcendental Fascism

Tenets and Principles of Conduct Under the Transcendental Fascist State

Value/s and Ethics, Part I. — Eleven Points

Many tenets follow from acknowledgment of one simple truth: The utility of paper money/currency is overstated. Hence:

  1. The gift will be a cornerstone of the Transcendental Fascist economy.
  2. Value is subjective, and thus no two transactions are alike or of equal, determinant value.
  3. No rewards or arbitrary value for equal work: If a soul is a natural producer, he will accrue to himself goods in proportion to the gifts or labor-as-gift he dispenses.
  4. Value is not a function of time. Value is only discoverable in the novel exchange between two or more parties. Value, then, cannot be standardized; it cannot be predetermined.
  5. Only when represented by paper does degenerate art appear to possess value. Value in these instances is manufactured at auction. The value of good work/s and art is intrinsic, it is universally discoverable, and it is universally valued by a culture. Good work/s resist denomination. Good work/s can’t help but instruct technically and spiritually—it is without price, as it gives in perpetuity.
  6. Shelter is not a privilege and will not convey status.
  7. Like shelter, food is not a privilege. No man or household will accrue to himself more rations than are his natural allotment. If one participates in its production, it is one’s natural right to share or exchange for gifts whatever quantity of his foodstuffs one sees fit.
  8. Under no circumstances will food or shelter or the effects thereof be taxed. The gift is exempt from taxation.
  9. In instances when value is debased by representation with currency, which is inherently valueless, the offender is taxed through servitude to the community. The length of his service is determined by the community and is customarily proportional to the extent to which the gift-as-medium-of-exchange was displaced. A second debasement offense is a capital offense.
  10. Capital offenses are prosecuted by the State. If found guilty, the offender will be executed by Shechita.
  11. The State will intervene as a matter of course on the behalf of animals. Cruelty to animals is a capital offense and the offender will be executed by Shechita.

Populist Sociology of Language

To be populist does not necessitate that one appeal to the Totalist Regime’s constituency with the adoption of a decayed vernacular; the regime’s constituency must, by example, be encouraged to rise broadly and substantially. Hence, attention to parts of speech and spelling by that regime’s spokespeople and propagandists is essential; each serves to legitimate the system’s core values by invoking standards of intellectual comportment espoused by statesman and subject alike. This is the way that stultification in a formerly valueless, economized people is overcome, keeping always in mind:

Totalist core values are undermined by an active abridgement of language, as dissent is fomented through the practical exploitation of a population’s learned proclivity to finance thought with base, provincial word combinations, shorthand and slang. In order to thrive, the Totalist Regime must eradicate what is base in a carryover culture’s speech and to disabuse its constituency by the positive reformation of propaganda. Fundaments are best conveyed when an exactness of word-meanings is pursued doggedly – by the State, by the household and in the classroom. To the Totalist, and by extension, to the Transcendental Fascist, what relativizes in speech is spurious.