$GVXXF : GoviEx CEO Daniel Major responds to an inquiry regarding the impact of the ’19 Zambian Tax Proposals on the Mutanga #Uranium Project, courtesy of Rob Rice:


Though we have chosen to make our Uranium Book public, we’ve elected to make the contents of the rebalanced NICF Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Agriculture Books private: https://blog.fahy.co/metals-book/

Deep Value Grades for Requested Uranium Issues

Wherein an A+ implies the very deepest of present value in terms of Value of Resources by Fully-Diluted Market Cap.

Deep Value Grades

Beware the Deep Value Trap

Just because it has a good letter grade doesn’t mean it isn’t a deep value trap. It’s up to you to find out why lbs. of this or ozs. of that are on sale. After all, some of the cheapest uranium lbs. by market cap available could prove the most expensive you ever buy.

Learn more about the Deep Value Grading System: https://blog.fahy.co/dvg/

$TMRC – Texas Mineral Resources: Relative Projected Market Cap Valuation

@ $65/lb. U308 = $10.01

@ $28/lb. U308 = $4.31

Texas Mineral Resources presently trades at a mere 4.6% of intrinsic value ($4.31) at today’s spot uranium prices, cementing it in the pantheon of U.S. development-stage companies as among the most grossly undervalued.

$TMRC Resource Estimate (Uranium, ex-REEs)


Corporate Presentation

NI 43-101