Fission Uranium | PLS Project | PFS Investment Case Update

Updated 19 June 2019

Long-Term Price Case$50/lb. U308
Flagship ProjectTriple R
Forsys Metals Stake100%
Mineral Resources (M&I)103,768,000 Mlbs.
Mineral Reserves90.5 Mlbs.
Fully-Diluted Shares516,414,642
Fully-Diluted Market Cap$175,580,978
Average Annual Production10,937,500 lbs.
Payable Product87.5 Mlbs.
LoM8 years
True All-in Costs$34.91/lb.
Gross Revenue$4,372,122,150
Provincial Revenue Royalties($316,944,210)
Net Revenue$4,055,177,940
Total Operating Costs ($591,938,820)
Operating Cash Flow$3,463,239,120
Capital Costs($‭1,283,208,300)
Provincial Profit Royalties($351,028,260)
Provincial Taxes (12%)($227,202,030)
Federal Taxes (15%)($283,983,810)
Net Income (LoM)$1,317,816,720
Projected Book Value per Share$2.55/sh.
PMCV10 (Projected Market Cap Valuation at 10%)$1.00/sh.
TAC10 (Payable Product Model)
Cost to Acquire$2.01/lb.
Total Cost to Build & Operate$34.91/lb.
Total Acquisition Cost$323,020,598 ($0.63/sh.)
Miscellaneous Metrics
Deep Value GradeB+
Market Cap Valuation per Resource Lb.$1.69
Share Price Valuation by Resources in the Ground .20 lbs. ($4.90)
Value of Resources (M&I) $2,531,939,200
Resource Valuation as a Percentage of Market Cap7%
Theoretical Market Cap Valuation$253,193,920
Theoretical Future Market Cap$518,840,000
Theoretical Market Cap Growth195%

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