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    1. Hello, Mandip,

      I believe the discovery has been properly reflected in the stock. Had RNC not reduced its stake in the Dumont Nickel Project to 28%, we may have retained a portion of our holdings. That being said, the chance discovery at Beta Hunt enabled us to exit at a premium to our original target. It was a good trade and it’s time to move on.

      Have a wonderful evening,


  1. I thought I was the only person in the universe holding a combination of Argonaut, Equinox, Treasury, Minco, Denison, Laramide and Skyharbour…. I had my finger on the trigger for RNC (DOPE), Goldmining and Potash ridge too (I guess it’s not too late here). What do you think about Nickel Creek Platinum?

    1. Hi, Zack,

      I’ve spent quite a lot of time on Nickel Creek, but I’ve refrained from taking a stake. It would be a higher cost producer, as its recovery rate according to metallurgy are middling and the grades are uniformly low. I’ve tried, but can’t get excited enough about it to buy.


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