Powerlifting Update

Over the last 12 months I have dropped 50 lbs. in order to conduct a strength-to-weight ratio ‘experiment’ (read: stay alive). My hope was to drop up to 50 lbs. while boosting the ratio.

215 lbs.165 lbs.
Bench Press1.121.30

Strength, interestingly, is now improving at a measurably higher rate in all lifts than was measured at the previous max body weight. More importantly, I am no longer suffering from sleep apnea and dreaming of the afterlife.

Overall Strength-to-Weight Ratio improvement:


Experimental Animal

I also am experimenting with a daily 7g dose of diferuloylmethane, as I am of the opinion that it functions as a BAT proliferator, NF-B inhibitor and myostatin down-regulator, resulting in enhanced hypertrophy.

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