Thoughts on the Coronavirus

No one really knows anything — not for certain. But here are my thoughts…

Firstly, there’s a good chance the coronavirus in question has been stealthily marching through North America for at least a month longer than is suspected. You’ve probably run into it already…

And the odds say you will probably get it. In fact, you or a family member may already have contracted it, recovered and chalked it up to seasonal flu. 

Not all hosts are created equal.

The strain of hysteria that we find in China is a function of communism, while the strain of hysteria that will surely visit the U.S. will doubtless be comparatively muted. Which is to say, in the U.S., hysteria will not mutate into the highly transmissible form on display in China. We still have too much freedom to serve as apt hosts.

So what is the correct response in the West?

The correct response in the West is the one we have unofficially adopted: a passive one, especially as containment is impossible. Let it burn through the population. Call the cases in low risk populations ‘flu’ and prescribe plenty of fluids, bed rest and love.

The ‘big one’ may be right around the corner, but 2019 Novel Coronavirus is not it.


The coronavirus isn’t the death knell for the Chinese people, but it may certainly presage the death of Chinese Communism.

Source: Intuition