The Investment Case for Gold Mining Inc.

F/D Market Cap = US $113,338,301

Resources = 12,370,000 AuEq

Market Cap Valuation by Resource Ounce = $9.16

In other words, each AuEq oz in the ground is valued at US $9.12 by fully-diluted Market Cap.

Share Price Valuation by Resources in the Ground = .08

In other words, each share represents .08 AuEq ozs of resources. Each share represents US $100 worth of AuEq in the ground.

Resource Valuation as a Percentage of Market Cap = .8%

  • Value of Resources = US $15,462,500,000

In other words, Gold Mining’s Market Cap is valued at less than 1% of the value of the AuEq resources in the ground. This is very low. There is room for substantial Market Cap growth.

Future Market Cap @ $1,400/oz = US $1,731,800,000

Future Market Cap Growth = 1,428%


Gold Mining is a unique optionality investment vehicle with which to play a revaluation of both gold and uranium. Its aggregated resource base is large, its grades are fair-to-good, and its Market Cap has dropped into deep value territory.

Gold Mining’s 75% interest in the 125,000 Ha Rea uranium project is a bonus. Rea’s permits surround Orano’s high-grade Maybelle uranium deposit, discovered by Uranerz in 1988 (drill intersections have returned up to 21% U3O8 at Maybelle).

We are buyers of Gold Mining at present levels and intend to make additional purchases should shares experience further weakness.

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