For dominion over an asset’s mind, the handler will choose trauma as an expedient, thus betraying his own pedigree: the clinician. Dominion by isolation, though a high investment with uncertain payoffs, is the responsible course for the responsible handler, who is very often a seasoned field operative. It is simpler to manipulate the sad asset than the frightened one. However, while the maudlin asset has historically made a good assassin, the frightened asset excels as a siren.

The reactive sort…

We and our counterparts in the East agree that a new general personality must be made to live in the body politic. Our counterparts refer to one such method whereby which this may be accomplished as Psychosynthesis. In the West, we have not found that term of great utility; it is threatening. Instead, a no less effective program has been marketed to the West’s body politic under a ‘New Age’ umbrella — self-hypnosis, guided imagery, visualization techniques, and relaxation therapy. These things work and this new personality is now ubiquitous not only behind the Iron Curtain, but throughout the West. The reactive sort is of the most value to the State.

–George Irwin, Letters to Caspar, 1989