Critical Art Ensemble: The Mythology of Terrorism on the Net

Terrorism, as a necessary radical strategy in the first world, is an anachronism. The control of spectacular space is no longer the key to understanding or maintaining domination. In stead, it is the control of virtual space (and/or control of the net apparatus) that is the new locus of power. [LINK]

For information economies, the net is the apparatus of command and control. Since division of labor has reached a plateau of unforeseen complexity, the most costly disaster that can happen in these economies is a communication gap; this would cause the specialized segments of the division of labor to fall out of sync. Those who are electronically literate and dedicated to resisting both state authority and the hegemony of pancapitalism can use this development to great advantage. Through simple tactics of trespass and blockage, these resisters can force the state, military, and corporate authorities to come to the negotiating table. Placing the public in a state of fear is no longer necessary, nor is it essential to inflict violence on people in order to incite political change. And oddly enough, not even private property needs to be attacked or destroyed. All that is needed to accomplish what terrorism rarely does~policy negotiation~is to deny access to data conduits and bodies of data.

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