vCycle & vTrend: For the Discerning Investor

Premium ThinkScript Series

vCycle & vTrend

Wherein professional activity, volatility and the least squares method are analyzed in order to make sound determinations regarding short, intermediate and long-term trends.

vCycle & vTrend, written with the conscientious investor in mind, are time-frame agnostic and have been rigorously tested in our family office with the following products: Futures, Equities. Trading in the direction of vTrend results in the highest probability setups.

Upon purchase, three studies (vCycle_Histogram.ts, vTrend_Histogram.ts, vCycle_Upper) will be promptly emailed to you in a .zip file.

How to Import Your vCycle & vTrend Source Files Into ThinkOrSwim

After you unzip the downloaded files, go to ThinkOrSwim Charts and click Studies > Edit Studies. In the new window, make sure you’re on the right tab for either Studies or Strategies, then click “Import” below. In the next window, navigate to the file on your hard drive, select it, and click open.

Premium Script Price: $1,099.00

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