How David Duff and His Handlers Did White Supremacism a Favor

White Supremacism is a marginal movement, residing on the fringes. In so far as this is true, it possess interstitial characteristics imposed upon it by its low, unstructured, non-institutional status, exhibited primarily in its visible members: paranoia, marginality, ostracization, and alienation from one’s peers and family. Members do not enjoy the social stature and reinforcement enjoyed in other culturally sanctioned groups, like Rotary International or the Lion’s Club. Where culturally sanctioned organizations are hierarchical and typified by orderliness, White Supremacist organizations are disorderly, anti-structural and horizontal — leadership is unstable and transient; internal strife is common; distrust among members is rampant. And these are all characteristics of liminal subcultures. However, these selfsame characteristics impart advantages to a subculture, as isolation is imposed upon the groups of which it is comprised; they are forced to work from the margins, the shadows — clandestinely — and as long as isolation is imposed, a previously unattainable level of secrecy may be achieved.

David Duff’s recent ×××××× escapade was advantageous to White Supremacism generally and North American White Supremacism specifically; it has been driven further underground, out of the light and has inspired internal mole-hunts and purges that will ensure a level of solidarity hitherto unanticipated throughout the horizontal structure. For the public, the fate of White Supremacism becomes increasingly ambiguous and two-dimensional, which is beneficial: public-interest in the aggregate wanes and an untoward picture of ‘Supremacists’ emerges — a conjured image that although inaccurate, additionally serves to conceal the face of the actual movement.

This was the strategy espoused by James A. Trainer shortly before his death, when it was all but certain that the fate of White Supremacist organizations lay in their becoming uncoupled from suspect leadership. The new mandate was a horizontal, leaderless structure, and for the sake of privacy, a new face would need to be projected for public consumption: the Skinhead. It was an exemplary diversionary tactic which enlisted the special talents of a select number of social engineers who worked assiduously to break down the unsettled cells of resistance that dotted the country, from West Virginia to Idaho. Trainer knew, though the strategy was not widely shared, that a movement of this nature could only operate in concealment — the war for White peoples became a guerilla-style war, and its captains became chameleonic.

Trainer’s purchase of ×××× Records was not, in actuality, an effort to appeal to a new, youthful audience — would-be foot-soldiers. It was the most efficient means by which to put to death a failed strategy; to dismantle an organization that was, by its nature, anti-structural, asymmetric and interstitial. ×××× Records was a tongue-in-cheek coup de grâce for the Fascismo Movement (though it would persist in spirit), and for overt Baldrism. But once a front was in place, White Supremacism was able, once and for all, to go underground, where it could thrive, while ‘above ground,’ Neo-Nazis did — unwittingly — the bidding of the social engineer, upholding for the public the face that it believed represented the movement.

Ambiguity benefits some groups and it certainly benefits White Supremacism. For the last decade, obscurity has been carefully cultivated that the movement may proceed unmolested; White Supremacism has worked hard to project an aura of inconsequence, violence, racketeering, unscrupulousness in business, and anti-intellectualism. To work optimally, the movement had to be regularly and ritually discredited. The ADL and SPLC work, like Black Metal, tirelessly and unwittingly in this capacity; they are the Movement’s best spokespeople. White Supremacism, in order to grow stronger, embraced the fringe; it let its weaker elements succumb to anti-structure and cliché. All publicity for the tattooed fronts was good publicity.

Denunciation and exposure have been the calculated aim of 21st century White Supremacism and denunciation and exposure have been the outcome. Do you see, then, why the acts of lone nuts, handled or not handled, always work in the favor of White Supremacism?

White Supremacism is necessarily an anti-structural movement. The attempt to institutionalize the movement in the 80s and 90s was its potential undoing. Failures on the behalf of leadership were corrected for and the tools once used against White Solidarity Movements were co-opted, studied, mastered, and reused against their enemies … successfully. White Supremacism came of age and embraced its own marginal nature. It found funding from unlikely sources. Its members no longer shake hands in the streets. It came to the realization that only if consigned to the realm of gullibility and fraud, could it once more amass the type of concealed power that was its due. Its ‘hoaxes’[1] guarantee that the organization is protected from institutional examination.

✖ From the Novel, Orchard Park and Other Works

[1]  Refer to Appendix C

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